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1High Roller Rentals (HRR) understands that without the proper, dependable equipment that operating an efficient oilfield jobsite can be quite the challenge.

As a result, we offer dozens of equipment solutions to meet your specific needs. From construction to drilling to completion to production and all points in between, we have all of the equipment needed for your oilfield project.

Because we greatly appreciate and value your trust in our company, we regularly clean and service all of our equipment. By doing this we can ensure that any piece of equipment that we deliver to your jobsite is ready to immediately operate at full efficiency and capacity.

High Roller Rentals offers top-notch oilfield surface equipment, including, but not limited to:

- Containment
- Diaphragm Pumps
- Electric Cellar Pumps
- Electric Pressure Washers
- Electric Shaker Washers
- Evaporators
- Excavators
- Flare Stacks
- Floating Pit Pumps
- Fluid Drive Overs
- Forklifts
- Frac Tank Pumps
- Hydraulic Cellar Pumps
- Light Towers
- Open-Top Cuttings Tanks
- Pneumatic Mud Buckets
- Portable Fuel Tanks
- Pre-Mix Tanks
- Round Bottom Frac Tanks
- Super Vacs
- Vent Line Drive Overs

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